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Water Polo players at Choate are honored primarily in two ways; through election as captain by their peers or through recognition by the coaching staff with end of season awards. This latter case includes honors for the Excellence in Water Polo Award, the Coaches Award for Water Polo and the Coaches Award for JV Water Polo (initiated in 1996). Traditionally, the Excellence Award is akin to an MVP award while the Coaches Awards recognize significant contributions to the team signified by uncommon dedication.

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The winners have been:


Captain: Dan Fallahi '09 and Connor Murphy '09

Coaches Award: ?

Excellence Award: ?

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: ?


Captain: Ray Li '08 and Johnny Whitney '08

Coaches Award: JJ Braddock '09; HM - Ray Li '08, Max Mullen '08, Michael Wysolmerski '08

Excellence Award: Matt Inglis '09; HM - Ray Li '08, Johnny Whitney '08

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Brian Wysolmerski '10; HM - Quinn Hawkins '10, Warren Chan '11, Justin Choi '11, Andrew Kim '11


Captain: Jay Li '07 and Aleks Oumarbaev '07

Coaches Award: Jay Li '07; HM - John Adams '07, Aleks Oumarbaev '07

Excellence Award: Johnny Whitney '08

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Patrick Li '10

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Captain: Spencer Haught '06

Coaches Award: Spencer Haught '06

Excellence Award: John Dillon '06 and Weston Haught '06 (Honorable Mention: Spencer Haught '06 and Jay Li '07)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Omid Nasser Bigdeli '08 (Honorable Mention: J.J. Braddock '09 and Max Mullen '08)

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Captain: Kevin Hawkins '05 and David Guernsey III '05

Coaches Award: Kevin Hawkins '05 (honorable mention: Spencer Haught '06 and Weston Haught '06)

Excellence Award: David Guernsey III '05

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Michael Marti '07 (honorable mention: Ray Li '08)

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Captain: Tim Rausch '04

Coaches Award: Alex Wentworth-Ping '04 (honorable mention: David Guernsey III '05, Spencer Haught '06)

Excellence Award: Tim Rausch '04 (honorable mention: Alex Wentworth-Ping '04)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Alex Oumarbaev '07 (honorable mention: Mick Alpert '06)

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Captain: Brett Marinelli '03 and Carey Turnquest '03

Coaches Award: Liam Ohlmann '05 (honorable mention: David Guernsey III '05)

Excellence Award: Brett Marinelli '03 (honorable mention: Tim Rausch '04)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Alan Valenti '05 (honorable mention: Weston Haught '06)

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Captain: Owen Dailey '02 and Brian Medlin '02

Coaches Award: Brian Medlin '02 (honorable mention: Jamie Lamere '02, Eric Bostard '02)

Excellence Award: Owen Dailey '02 (honorable mention: Eric Bostard '02, Brett Marinelli '03, Tim Rausch '04)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Alan Valenti '05 (honorable mention: Richard Navin '04)

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Captain: Adam Rahal '01

Coaches Award: Chris Beck '01 and Adam Rahal '01

Excellence Award: Greg Marvin-Smith '01 (honorable mention: Owen Dailey '02)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Alex Wentworth-Ping '04 (honorable mention: Carey Turnquest '03)

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Captain: Jeremy Hynd '00 and Nessim Mezrahi '00

Coaches Award: Chris Beck '01 (honorable mention: Adam Rahal '01)

Excellence Award: John LaBanca '00 (honorable mention: Nessim Mezrahi '00, Greg Marvin-Smith '01 and Chris Beck '01

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Dan Mensch '02 (honorable mention: Josh Gerth'02 and Omar Itum'02)

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Captain: Lars Fiedler '99 and Tim McMullan'99

Coaches Award: Lars Fiedler'99 (honorable mention: Drew Kovacs'99 and Adam Rahal '01)

Excellence Award: Tim McMullan'99 (honorable mention: Lars Fiedler'99, John LaBanca '00, Chris Beck '01, Greg Marvin-Smith '01 and Adam Rahal '01)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Tucker Robinson'02 (honorable mention: Rob Krohn'01)

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Captain: Steffan Antonas'98 and Pat McCurdy'98

Coaches Award: Steffan Antonas'98

Excellence Award: Pat McCurdy'98 (honorable mention: Steffan Antonas'98, Geoff Guile'98 and Mike Ranieri'98)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Mike Lane'01 (honorable mention: Jos Thalheimer'01)

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Captain: Myles Ranier'97

Coaches Award: Myles Ranier'97 (honorable mention: Aaron Rak'97 and Steffan Antonas'98)

Excellence Award: Geoff Guile'98 (honorable mention: Myles Ranier'97, David Zahl'97 and Pat McCurdy'98)

Coaches Award for JV Water Polo: Drew Kovacs'99

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Captains: Evan Jennings'96 and Josh Marinelli'96

Coaches Award: Evan Jennings'96 (honorable mention: Steffan Antonas'98)

Excellence Award: Josh Marinelli'96 (honorable mention: Myles Ranier'97 and Pat McCurdy'98)

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Captains: Jon Francis'95, Andrew Levin'95 and Greg Loehmann'95

Coaches Award: Jon Francis'95 (honorable mention: Mark Elliott'95, Andrew Levin'95 and Tarek Radwan'95)

Excellence Award: Alec Peterson'95 (honorable mention: Greg Loehmann'95)

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Captains: Bob Barnett'94 and Rodd Gerstenhaber'94

Coaches Award: Rodd Gerstenhaber'94

Excellence Award: Greg Cantwell'94 and P.J. Orthwein'94

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Captain: Brain Lindman'93

Coaches Award: Jaety Edwards'93 (honorable mention: Alec Peterson'95

Excellence Award: Brian Lindman'93 (honorable mention: P.J. Orthwein'94)

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Captains: Eric Otto'92 and Mike Watkinson'92

Coaches Award: Mike Watkinson'92 (honorable mention: Eric Otto'92

Excellence Award: Jon Smulyan'92 (honorable mention: Brian Lindman'93)

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Captains: Nick Bijur '91 and David Gottlieb '91

Coaches Award: Nick Bijur '91 (honorable mention: Mike Watkinson '92)

Excellence Award: Dave Gottleib '91 (honorable mention: B. Otto Leibman '91)

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Captains: Kyle Galloway '90 and Barclay Crenshaw '90

Coaches Award: David Gottlieb '91 (honorable mention: Christian B. Pelham '90)

Excellence Award: Patrick J. Holley '90

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Captains: Todd Deveau '89

Coaches Award: Jason Tiballi '89 (honorable mention: Carrie Bonisteel '89, Kyle Galloway '90, John C. Musto '89)

Excellence Award: Anna Brockmeyer '89 and Todd Deveau '89

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